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As a local councillor, I think the Web offers a good way to increase my accountability to the people who elected me. So I have reproduced here the texts from my last three election leaflets, so that I can be measured now against what I said then. I have this crazy notion that if all politicians could be persuaded to do likewise, we might promise less and deliver more.
These are best reached via the frame menus from the Home page, but if you dislike frames, you can try starting with these links:
1995 election
1999 election
2003 election
2007 election

There's also a chunk on local issues. They are labelled "current" issues, but may not be so very current by the time you read this. Sorry, but I can't spend all my time maintaining my web site. There will be some feedback, if you email me any. So far, there hasn't been much, I'm afraid, but I'm still hoping ...

Does that make sense? Email me if you have a view.


March 2004
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