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Here's where I have a rant about things. You can feed back your own rants to me: I'll publish them as long as they aren't defamatory, together with my own counter-rants as I see fit. So far, not many have taken me up on this.

The Milton Abbot Peace Window was a planning issue in 2002/03.

The planning system is much misunderstood, so here is a brief layman's account of how it is supposed to work.

The Bedford Square controversy rumbles on, though, realistically, we have lost that one for the forseeable future. I haven't forgotten it, but until there's a political will at the County Council, there's no point in misleading anyone.

The Gulworthy Cut is a success story, in which we beat off an attempt by the Highways Authority to close a local short cut in the Spring of 2004. There is, however, a new threat to another part of the Gulworthy short cut.

Cellphone masts have become convtroversial in August 2004, so here is what I hope is a balanced approach to the issue.


March 2004
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