URGENT Message for Road Users in West Devon

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The short cut between New Bridge Gunnislake and Gulworthy Cottages is about to be closed.

The HATOC meeting on 20 Feb 04 in Okehampton
was well attended. Thanks for coming. It was a good result because lots of you participated.

I'll leave the rest of this page here as an historical document.
20 Feb 04
I warned in November that Devon County Council intend to pinch out the short cut from Gunnislake to Gulworthy. The Traffic Order was published on 22 Jan 04 and the objection period expired yesterday (13 Feb 04).

The wording of the Notice and details about objections are below. Details of the HATOC (Highways & Traffic Orders Committee) meeting and the councillors who sit on it are on this link. If you can spare the time to come to Okehampton on 20 Feb, your presence just might make a difference.

Here is the wording of the notice:
Devon County Council propose to make the above order under the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the effect of which will be to prohibit motor vehicles from proceeding in that length of the Unclassified Road between its western junction with the A390 adjacent to New Bridge and its eastern junction with the A390 west of Gulworthy Cottages. Access to premises or land adjacent to that length of road will be permitted.
Details are contained in the draft order which, together with a plan showing the length of road affected and a statement of the Council's reasons for proposing to make the order, may be inspected during the usual office hours at the Local Service Office (Okehampton), County Environment Directorate, Devon County Council, Brayhams, North Road, Okehampton. In addition, a copy will be available for inspection during the objection period at Tavistock Library, The Quay, Plymouth Road, Tavistock.
Objections, specifying the grounds on which they are made, must be submitted in writing to the address below to arrive no later than 13th February 2004.
Dated 22nd January 2004
(Ref GML/A16857)
County Solicitor
Devon County Council
County Hall
Exeter EX2 4QD

There are now only 2 weeks in which to write in with objections to this traffic order.

The Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) meets on 20 Feb 04 and will doubtless be asked to confirm the order. If few objections are sent in before 13 Feb, the road will close and it will be almost impossible ever to get it reopened.

If you write in with an objection, it will help if you also email me so that I know you have done so. I shall also be able to update you in case there is anything else that you may be able to do to fight this road closure.

You can also email (mailto removed - too late now) Cllr Robin Pike, the West Devon Councillor who sits for Tamarside Ward (including Gulworthy Parish). He should also be able to help.

Latest news. (30 Jan)

          (8 Feb update)

Although this Notice
specifies objections in writing to the County Solicitor, he confirmed to me this morning that emailed representations are accepted as valid.

If there are no objections before 13 February 2004, this road will close.

8 Feb update

Several people have emailed objections and copied them to me. I have also had some copy letters from objectors. Keep them coming. Objections close on Friday. Don't delay.

14 Feb update

It's too late to object now, but you can come to the meeting in Okehampton on 20 Feb at 2:15. Details here!

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