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or How to Object Effectively

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20 Feb 04 update:
The objectors won the day. The full story is here, so this page is now mainly an historical document. I'll add a few words here as a guide to effective objecting. Here are the things that really count, in order of importance: It really can work, as we have proved (so far) by today's result.

The rest of this page is now merely an historical document, which I'll leave here for posterity. Thanks to all who participated.
20 Feb 04

14 Feb 04 update:
Although it is too late now to send in formal objections to the County Solicitor, you can still lobby councillors and you can attend the meeting of the HATOC (Highways & Traffic Orders Committee) at 2:15 pm on Friday 20 February at the West Devon Borough Council offices in Oaklands Drive, Okehampton.
I shall be there.

Members of the Committee are:

County Councillors' contact details are available from
You don't need to lobby Dennis or me, though you will be most welcome to copy me in on any email.

It's too late now to help as follows on this page, but I'll leave the text here as a historical comment for posterity and a guide to how to object in case it is useful to anyone else in similar circumstances.

If you stumble on this story and want to help, please do two things: Please use your own words to express your objections. "Form" letters are not taken seriously.

Here's a suggested text that you can cut and paste from here into your email editor to pass to your contacts. Feel free to edit it. The important thing is to include the URL for these pages.

Devon County Council intends to close the short cut from the bridge at Gunnislake that cuts off half a mile of winding road, where you get stuck behind slow-moving traffic in the summer. There is now less than a week to get objections in - by Friday 13 February 2004. This web page ( has all the details and a mailto for objections to the Devon County Solicitor.

If you don't want to lose this short cut, make sure you get your objections in and forward this message to everyone in your email address book.

Do it today!

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