Brass Buskers in Tavistock - May 2004

Shopping in Tavistock on the warm, sunny afternoon of Tuesday 25 May 2004, I was surprised and entertained to hear Mozart's Turkish Rondo being played at near-suicidal speed on brass instruments.

The source of this impromptu alfresco delight was a group who call themselves the Petersburg Style Brass Quintet. I hope they did well from their afternoon performance in Tavistock: they have a wide repertoire and play very well indeed, with tremendous gusto and obvious enjoyment.

Members of the quintet

Arthur Nikiforov - Trumpet, trumpet-piccolo
Sergey Efremov - Trumpet
Nicolai Serebrennikov - Horn
Pavel Danik - Trombone
Andrey Bykov - Tuba

Updated 27 May 2004

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