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Roger's TAS Tools Software Local Government Web Sites The Conservative Party
Politics Forum
Daniel Hannan
Tavistock's German Twin Town:
Celle (Deutch)
Celle (English)
Brief biography 
Once-current Issues
Devon County Council The Labour Party Tavistock College
Email me West Devon Borough Council The Liberal Democrats Kelly College, Tavistock

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Bentley Drivers' Club
(Western Region) picture pages
West Devon Cllrs' Sites

Diana Moyse

Petrolheads links
Helping the Motorist to get Justice
British Registration Numbers 1903 - 1963
Bentley Spotting (Australian site)
Tavistock - Tombs and Balloons
June 1997
Tavistock Town Council Bentley Drivers' Club
Bugatti Owners' Club
Crash Box & Classic Car Club of Devon
Miscellaneous Sophos Virus & Hoax info always updated by Sophos

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