Monthly Virus Information from Sophos

These tables are updated monthly by Sophos and can be considered authoritative. Whilst I take no responsibility for the information, I offer them as a service to any who stumble on my web site.
Particularly useful for checking out hoaxes! Most emailed "warnings" about new, invincible, "very dangerous" viruses are, in fact, hoaxes, designed to waste your time and absorb email bandwidth.
April 2011 update:
Apologies, this no longer works. I'll investigate when I have some time. Meanwhile, lots of useful info is available from
Information about hoaxes is as
May 2011 update:
Magically, this now does work again. I'll nevertheless leave the previous update, in case it stops again.
11 May 04
Updated 21 Jan 10, 23 April 2011, 14 May 2011