West Devon Borough Council
Borough Council Election - 1 May 2003


Bere Ferrers Ward - 2 seats

Christine Margaret Grills Liberal Democrat Hensbury Farm, Hensbury Lane, Bere Ferrers, Yelverton, PL20 7LA sitting memberreturned unopposed
Eaon Kenneth Wager Local Conservative Quayfield, Gullytown, Bere Alston, Yelverton, PL20 7BT returned unopposed
Uncontested.      Turnout n/a.      Con gain from LD

Bridestowe Ward - 1 seat

Lewis John Gloyn Hockridge Independent Week Farm, Sourton, Okehampton, EX20 4HZ sitting memberreturned unopposed
Uncontested.      Turnout n/a.      No change.

Buckland Monachorum Ward - 2 seats

Margaret Patricia Garton Independent Kaya, Midella Road, Yelverton PL20 6AU sitting member717elected
John Oliver Soul The Conservative Party Candidate Trevenevow, Crapstone Road, Yelverton PL20 6BT 630elected
Emily Williams UK Independence Party Court House, The Crescent, Crapstone, Yelverton PL20 7PS
1104 votes cast.      Turnout 43.19%      No change.

Burrator Ward - 1 seat

Diana Elizabeth Moyse Local Conservative 5 South View, Lydford, Okehampton, EX20 4AH 294elected
Michael Anthony Parle Liberal Democrats The Mill, Meavy, Yelverton PL20 6PJ 268
566 votes cast.      Turnout 44.92%.      Con gain from LD.

Chagford Ward - 1 seat

Peter Hill Independent 2 Lower Street, Chagford, Newton Abbott sitting memberreturned unopposed
Uncontested.      Turnout n/a.      No change.

Drewsteignton Ward - 1 seat

Paul Ridgers Conservative Castle Cottage, Drewsteignton, Exeter, Devon EX6 6PB sitting memberreturned unopposed
Uncontested.      Turnout n/a.      No change.

Exbourne Ward - 1 seat

Denise Mary Herrod-Taylor Retired White Hart House, 18 Market St, Hatherleigh EX20 3JP sitting member300
David John Weeks UK Independence Party Courtlyns, Exbourne, Okehampton EX20 3SF 346elected
652 votes cast.      Turnout 50.66%.      UKIP gain from Ind.

Hatherleigh Ward - 1 seat

Dennis George Bater Independent 7 Bridge Street, Hatherleigh EX20 3HU sitting memberreturned unopposed
Uncontested.      Turnout n/a.      No change.

Lew Valley Ward - 1 seat

Noel Reginald Haines Cartwright Liberal Democrat Cricket Farm, Sampford Courtenay, Okehampton EX20 2TF sitting member (Courtenay Ward)192
James Raymond McInnes Local Conservative West Cleave, Sourton, Okehampton, EX20 4JB 429elected
625 votes cast.      Turnout 47.06%.      Con gain from LD.

Lydford Ward - 1 seat

Susan Linda Bamford UK Independence Party Old Station Masters House, 5 Station Cottages, Princetown, Yelverton, PL20 6QY 82
Audrey Dinah Vigni Liberal Democrat 2 Bellever Close, Princetown, Yelverton, PL20 6RT sitting member158
Robert James Williamson Community First Local Conservative Headson Farm, Bratton Clovelly, Okehampton, EX20 4AH 212elected
453 votes cast.      Turnout 40.48%.      Con gain from LD.

Mary Tavy Ward - 1 seat

Pamela Anne Scannell Liberal Democrats 2 Station View, Brentor, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0LW 311elected
David John Whitcomb The Conservative Party Candidate 28 Fitzford Cottages, Tavistock, PL19 8DB sitting member239
545 votes cast.      Turnout 40.82%.      LD gain from Con.

Milton Ford Ward - 1 seat

Owen Dilwyn Hughes Conservative October Cottage, Broad Street, Lifton, PL16 0BP sitting member193elected
Michael Brian Pithouse Independent 23 Oak Road, Tavistock, PL19 9LJ 174
Nicholas Waterhouse Liberal Democrat Meavy House, Meavy, Yelverton, PL20 6PJ sitting member (Burrator Ward)75
442 votes cast.      Turnout 37.87%.      No change.

North Tawton Ward - 1 seat

Nicholas Morgan Independent Plym Cottage, 31 Exeter Street, North Tawton EX20 2HB sitting memberreturned unopposed
Uncontested.      Turnout n/a.      No change.

Okehampton East Ward - 2 seats

Michael Bryn Davies Self Employed Accountant and Church Minister 14 Pound Park, Okehampton EX20 1SX 195
Joanna V Harrison Local Conservative 14 Upcott Valley, Okehampton, EX20 1UY 299elected
Elaine Kale Liberal Democrats 17 Victoria Street, Okehampton, EX20 1NA 235elected
Hyder Ali Pirwany Local Conservative Flat B, Eastgate House, 1 East Street, Okehampton, EX20 1AS 216
598 votes cast.      Turnout 24.57%.      New ward: effective Con gain from Ind.

Okehampton West Ward - 2 seats

Jayne Hill Local Conservative The Old Manse, Prospect, Okehampton, EX20 1JD sitting member454elected
Mark Francis Slater Local Conservative 14 Upcott Valley, Okehampton, EX20 1UY 335
Kenneth John Kingsley Williams Liberal Democrats Newcombe, Folly Gate, Okehampton, Devon EX20 3AF 506elected
856 votes cast.      Turnout 33.9%.      Nnew ward. Effective no change.

South Tawton Ward - 1 seat

John Darch Independent Quarry Farm, South Tawton, Okehampton, Devon sitting memberreturned unopposed
Uncontested.      Turnout n/a.      No change.

Tamarside Ward - 1 seat

Robin Tresize Pike Independent 25 Courtlands Road, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0EF sitting member276elected
Clive Christopher Small Greenhill Bungalow, Lamerton, Tavistock, PL19 8QP 82
Martin Wytham Taylor Liberal Democrat Higher Gawton, Bere Alston, Yelverton PL20 7HP 122
481 votes cast.      Turnout 40.94%.      No change.

Tavistock North Ward - 3 seats      (click here for Town Council nominations)

Roy Alfred Connelly Liberal Democrat 19 Manor Road, Saxon Heights, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0PL 501elected
Richard Frere Eberlie The Conservative Party Candidate 6 Vigo Mews, Parkwood Road, Tavistock, PL19 0RG sitting member613elected
Peter Jones Liberal Democrats Flat 2, 31 Old Exeter Road, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0JE 406
Caroline Mary Keane Independent 20 Parkwood Road, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0HH sitting member472
Martin Quinn Green Party 61 Old Exeter Road, Tavistock, PL19 0JE 292
Jane Anne Ramsey Conservative 36 St Davids Road, Tavistock, PL19 9BT 487
David John Stapleton Liberal Democrats Shalimar, Anderton Lane, Whitchurch, Tavistock PL19 9DX sitting member470
Shaun Ian Watchorn The Conservative Party Candidate 5 Hessary View, Courtlands, Tavistock, PL19 0EZ 493elected
1456 votes cast.      Turnout 37.94%.      Con gain from Ind (elected as Con).

Tavistock South Ward - 3 seats      (click here for Town Council nominations)

Peter Graham Aizlewood Liberal Democrats Trelowarren, Southella Road, Yelverton PL20 6AT 281
Mandy Victoria Louise Govier Conservative Osborne House, 10 Watts Road, Tavistock, PL19 8LF 661elected
Roger William Mathew Independent Willowby, Down Road, Tavistock PL19 9AE sitting member619elected
Edward Harold Sherrell Independent Westbourne, 60 Whitchurch Road, Tavistock PL19 9BD sitting member923elected
Terence J West Liberal Democrats Running Waters, Whitchurch Road, Horrabridge, Yelverton, PL20 7TZ 298
Alex Wood Liberal Democrats 4 Kilworthy Hill, Tavistock PL19 0EP 372
1290 votes cast.      Turnout 38.12%.      Con gain from Ind.

Tavistock South West Ward - 1 seat      (click here for Town Council nominations)

Betty Mathews Batchelor The Labour Party Candidate 91 Sycamore Avenue, Bishopsmead, Tavistock PL19 9NL 54
David Victor Best Conservative Honeysuckle Cottage, Madge Lane, Tavistock, PL19 0DY 145
Alison Clish-Green Liberal Democrats Brackendale, 7 Deer Park Crescent, Tavistock, Devon PL19 9HQ 218elected
417 votes cast.      Turnout 31.1%.      New seat.

Thrushel Ward - 1 seat

Christopher John Hill Conservative 1 Kingsway, Lewdown, Okehampton EX20 4DQ sitting member231
Dawn Patricia Rogers Independent Grove Hill Farm, Lifton, PL16 0EL 253elected
484 votes cast.      Turnout 40.07%.      Ind gain from Con.

Walkham Ward - 2 seats

Laurie Stuart Leask UK Independence Party Elm Cottage, Bedford Road, Horrabridge, Yelverton PL20 7QJ 331
Sally Monk Liberal Democrats Upton, Plymouth Road, Horrabridge, Yelverton, Devon sitting member479elected
Jane Morton Waterhouse Liberal Democrat Meavy House, Meavy, Yelverton, Devon PL20 6PJ 368elected
765 votes cast.      Turnout 30.82%.      LD gain from Con.
1 April 2003
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