Tavistock Town Council Election
1 May 2003

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North Ward - 8 seats

Iain C Andrews Independent 3 Inswell Court, Old Launceston Road, Tavistock PL19 8LS 597elected
Sara A Batten Liberal Democrats 3 Mount Ford, Tavistock, PL19 8EB
Roy Alfred Connelly Liberal Democrat 19 Manor Road, Saxon Heights, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0PL sitting member546elected
Anne Johnson Independent 18 Orchard Close, Abbotsfield, Tavistock PL19 8HA sitting member697elected
Peter Jones Liberal Democrats Flat 2, 31 Old Exeter Road, Tavistock, PL19 0JE 467elected
Caroline Mary Keane Independent 20 Parkwood Road, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0HH sitting member686elected
Robin Tresize Pike Independent 25 Courtlands Road, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0EF sitting member666elected
Harry Smith The Labour Party Candidate 5 Inswell Court, Tavistock, Devon PL19 8LS 283
David John Stapleton Liberal Democrats Shalimar, Anderton Lane, Whitchurch, Tavistock PL19 9DX sitting member490elected
Graham John Turner Liberal Democrats 3 Buctor Park, Tavistock PL19 8EP 370
Abina Wood Liberal Democrats 4 Kilworthy Hill, Tavistock PL19 0EP 355
Norma Woodcock Independent 2 Courtlands Close, Tavistock PL19 8LX sitting member784elected
1456 votes cast. Turnout 37.94%. No change.

Tavistock Town Council Election - 6 May 1999

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South Ward - 7 seats

Betty Mathews Batchelor The Labour Party Candidate 91 Sycamore Ave, Bishopsmead, Tavistock PL19 9NL sitting memberreturned unopposed
Maxine Gibson Liberal Democrats 25 Friars Walk, Whitchurch, Tavistock PL19 9PT returned unopposed
Mandy Victoria Louise Govier Conservative Osborne House, 10 Watts Road, Tavistock, PL19 8LF sitting memberreturned unopposed
Jennifer Christine Metcalf Independent Middlefield, Chollacott Lane, Tavistock, Devon PL19 9DD sitting memberreturned unopposed
Edward Harold Sherrell Independent Westbourne, 60 Whitchurch Road, Tavistock, Devon PL19 9BD sitting memberreturned unopposed
Martin W Taylor Liberal Democrats Hr Gawton, Bere Alston, Yelverton PL20 7HP returned unopposed
Brian Anthony Arden Trew 46 Chaucer Road, Tavistock PL19 9AJ returned unopposed
Uncontested. Turnout n/a. LD gain of 2 from Inds (retired).

Tavistock Town Council Election - 6 May 1999

South West Ward - 2 seats

David Victor Best Conservative Honeysuckle Cottage, Madge Lane, Tavistock, PL19 0DY returned unopposed
Alison Clish-Green Liberal Democrats Brackendale, 7 Deer Park Crescent, Tavistock, Devon PL19 9HQ returned unopposed
Uncontested. Turnout n/a. Net gain of 1 each to Con and LD from 1 Ind (retired from N ward).

Overall, from 3 Independent retirements and 1 additional seat, there has been a net gain to LD of 3 and to Con of 1.
The political composition of the 17 seats is now:
Ind 8
Con 2
Lab 1

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1 April 2003
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