European Town Criers' Championship
Held in Tavistock on 15 July 2000

Charter Ceremony Town Criers' Dinner Home

Saturday 15 July 2000 was Tavistock's Carnival Day. Carnival is organised by the Tavistock Lions Club to raise money for local charities. As a special event for the Millennium Year Carnival, Tavistock's Town Crier, Bob Rose, arranged for Tavistock to host the European Town Criers' Championship.

I took a few digital photographs during the day, and some more at the dinner held that evening in the Town Hall. The quality of the latter set is poor, because of low light levels and the tiny flash tube in my digital camera.

Not all Town Criers are men!
Town Criers and local people
look on as competing criers declaim
A colourful spectacle in support of Tavistock's Carnival day

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Top Photographs copyright © 2000 R W Mathew.

19 July 2000