Feedback to Roger Mathew

Here is the feedback to my "current issues".

3 Mar 98 10:03 GMT
Subject: Maximum on street parking

Autos belong on the street. In Raleigh,N.C. we have no courtyards or green
areas in our older urban areas because on street parking is so restricted.  
Hence our once charming city looks much like Germany after the war with
flat expanses of empty lots where gardens or buildings once stood. The
traffic calming effect of parked cars is lost. As roads are widened traffic
moves faster, the buildings lose their relationship to the street.  It's
important to be in control of autos and not have them control you. Keep
your off street areas beautiful, acessible and people friendly.
                                              Warmest Regards,
                                                    Mitchell Hazouri
                                                    Raleigh, N.C.

Updated 16 March 1998