What Happened on 3 May 2007

Borough Council result

I lost my seat by 49 votes to a Conservative, but was 268 ahead of the fifth place (LibDem) candidate (237 last time). The turnout was up from 38.12% to 44.38%, which was a general trend, perhaps accounted for by an increase in postal voting.
  • The Conservatives gained 2 seats overall, one from LibDem and the other from me.
  • The United Kingdom Independence Party failed to take any seats, but probably cost the Conservatives their second Okehampton seat.
  • The Liberal Democrats lost 1 seat overall to Con.
  • The Independents lost 1 seat overall - mine - to a Conservative.

    The overall composition of the new council as at 5 May 2007 is set to be:

  • Conservative 14
  • Independent 10
  • Liberal Democrat 7

    Borough Council result

    Published as an Internet document by R W Mathew, Willowby, Down Road, Tavistock, Devon

    5 May 2007