Roger Mathew's Election Links 2007

Here is a site map to help you navigate to all the stuff here which I hope will help you to decide whether you want me to represent you for another four years on West Devon Borough Council.
Whatever you decide about me, please use your vote. If you don't, you will get a council that you didn't vote for.

Here is the complete Candidate List, with results for West Devon Borough Council

In my ward (Tavistock South), you can vote for up to three candidates.

The election is on Thursday 3 May 2007.

Introduction (election leaflet) Independent Councillors & Councils Home
Election Issues: Global Warming - Disaster or Boon? Local Government Reorganisation by Stealth
The "Scientific Consensus" on Global Warming Council Tax - a few little-known facts
Climate Change "Models"
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Why are there so few scientists in politics?
External links: Short list of links to scientific sites about Climate Change Longer list of links to scientific sites about Climate Change
My record: 2003-2007
You can also judge my long term record by looking at these links:
What I said in 2003 What I said in 1999
What I said in 1995 Not very "green"?
Candidates and results 3 May 2007 What happened in 2007? Personal Reflections
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